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If you were on the losing end of a trial or an injunction, the first question you probably asked yourself was “what should I do now?” Sometimes the answer is to appeal. On the other hand, maybe you won at trial, but the other side filed a notice of appeal. You might have the same question: “what now?”

Appeals are different. There are no witnesses and there is no jury.  The appellate courts make their decisions based predominantly on the evidence presented at the trial or hearing.  The case becomes less about proving facts and more about proving or disproving trial court errors. Because this process is different, you need an attorney who has experience in appellate litigation.

Whether you won or lost at trial, our attorneys can help navigate the appellate process by:

  • Advising and working alongside trial counsel to ensure your appellate rights are secured during the trial phase;
  • Coordinating with you and your trial counsel after the trial to quickly identify issues and form a strategy; and
  • File petitions, briefs, motions, and other documents with the North Carolina Court of Appeals and/or North Carolina Supreme Court to advocate on your behalf.

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